Amy Lacey Weddings

Wedding and Event Coordinator

Amy Lacey Weddings

offers one budget friendly service to cover all of your Wedding and Event Coordination needs.  With 22 years in the event planning industry, ALW offers unsurpassed quality, experience and expertise that stands out among the rest. It is our job to execute your vision while managing the behind-the-scene details so your (and your families) only responsibility is to have fun!


"Picking Amy to be our coordinator was a wonderful decision for my daughter’s wedding. She was so organized and prepared. But the thing that put Amy on another level is her level of caring. She met with us and attended meetings with other vendors on at least 5 occasions. It felt like she was a part of our family by time the wedding came. She was so focused on making sure all the parts came together while keeping all of us in the loop as things came up." 

- Rod Schrank  10/20/2018

ALW is proud to be LGBQT Friendly!

Servicing DFW, all of Texas and beyond

Tel: 832-248-2691


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